TubeKarma Reviews Gives 10 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Subscriber Base

In a recent post on TubeKarma Reviews, marketers were given tips for growing their YouTube subscriber base.

  1. Build a Community with Exclusive Content

Creating content exclusive to your subscribers is a highly effective way of keeping them engaged and making sure they come back for more. Many YouTubers have successfully created Q&A videos or vlogs that feature behind the scenes of their lives. Even exclusive video tutorials are highly effective for building your subscriber base.

  1. Be Authentically You

When creating content, be sure to show your personality and who you are. Embrace your quirks, and do not be afraid that someone will judge you for them. In doing this, you will be opening yourself up to a much wider audience as people from all walks of life can relate to your content.

  1. Do Not Settle with One Channel

Seth Worley suggested that marketers should not settle on just one channel. Embracing other media types, such as Youtube gaming or Vimeo, are both excellent ways to gain followers. The idea is to connect with people on all different levels.

  1. Stay Active With Engagement

The key to staying popular on YouTube well after achieving your goal of gaining subscribers is actively engaging them. Make sure that you answer questions, engage in comment threads, and invite them to connect socially.

  1. Keep Yourself Organized With Schedules

Derek Hales suggested keeping track of your YouTube content by making a schedule of sorts. When you create a “tube karma” calendar of sorts or even just share it with others within your organization, it is much easier to keep your YouTube presence consistent. This also allows you to have a strong follow-up marketing plan in place, which can be used after you launch a new product or service.

  1. Take Advantage Of The Analytics

Taking advantage of the analytics offered by YouTube, marketers can learn more about who their subscribers are and what type of content they prefer to see. This information can be vital for marketers as they try to grow and develop their audience base.

  1. Look To Engage Brands For Collaboration

When it comes time to create new content, especially video, you should seek out brands that might be interested in making a collaboration happen. Reach out via email or phone to some companies, and pitch them a video idea that you think will fit well with their channel. It’s important to note that this strategy can be very effective if the company is in a niche similar to one of your own products or services.

  1. Create Content Around Your Community

Rami Kogan suggested creating videos based on the communities and people who subscribe to your channel. These videos should be more focused on the people rather than the brand itself. For example, instead of doing a video based on your new product launch, you might tell the stories of other subscribers who use it and love it.

  1. Keep People Excited With New Content

When creating content for YouTube, Derek Hales suggested staying on top of trends, what’s new, and what’s fresh. This allows you to create content that keeps your subscribers excited about the channel without making too much noise or taking things in a direction that will not be effective for your brand.

  1. Do Not Sell Too Hard On Your Channel

Selling too hard through the use of your channel is a sure-fire way to turn people off from subscribing and lose current subscribers’ attention. Instead, Derek Hales suggested focusing more on providing value through facts, reviews, or other types of helpful content which will keep people engaged with the content you are creating. If they find value in what you have to offer, they will subscribe and become loyal followers.

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