Shiftsmart Shares the Benefits of Not Having a Traditional Job

Thanks to the power of the internet, all of us have the opportunity to give up our traditional jobs and focus instead on working online in the comfort of our homes. Freelance roles come in all shapes and sizes; you could start your own online business or do some work for Shiftsmart and connect with clients all over the world who need your services.

I have been working freelance now for around six years, and I’ve reaped so many benefits from this kind of lifestyle. To any of you who are sick of your job and want more freedom, here are some of the benefits of the freelancer life.

No More Commute

Most people commute an average of two hours a day. This is two hours of your life, 10 hours per week, which you lose, just getting to work and back. Not only is this time-consuming, but for most of us, the idea of commuting is stressful. Additionally, the commute costs money. When you quit a traditional job and switch to online working or a freelance role, you will find that not having to commute improves your life both financially and mentally.

No Ceiling

Within traditional job roles, the only way you could make more money would be to either get a promotion or work overtime. When you work for yourself, however, there is absolutely no ceiling as to how much money you can make, and that is a very, very good thing.

Work Your Own Hours

Some of us aren’t meant to be working the hours which our jobs give us, and many of us find that we are more productive at different times during the day. When you quit your job and take on a freelance role, however, you’ll be able to work the hours you want. Now, of course, you’ll still have deadlines and requirements for certain jobs, but you can put the hours in when it suits you. This is also ideal for people with families or those who have other commitments throughout the day.

Emotional stability

Ultimately, this is a lifestyle choice that is just going to make you happier. Working freelance is significantly less stressful than any other kind of job, and you’ll likely be better at your work because of this. You can wear what you want; there is no commute to worry about; you won’t have to ask your boss every time you need to go for a break or have some time off. All these things and more make you happy, and for me, this is certainly the greatest benefit of working freelance.

Why not give it a try? Take a look and see what work options are available to you.

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