Fortune Hi Tech Marketing Review

As more and more people get introduced to this opportunity, this question comes up more and more. Is Fortune Hi Tech Marketing a scam?

If you have done your due diligence on this company then you should be able to see very quickly that they are a very reputable company and are partnered with some of the largest companies in the world today.

Ever heard of T-Mobile? Sprint? AT&T? Verizon? General Electric Security? Travelocity? Apple? Dell? Although there are many other major companies that Fortune Hi Tech Marketing does business with, these are just a few of the major players that FHTM does in fact do business with.

However if your still not sold on this opportunity then I strongly encourage you to keep reading so you do not get sucked into their trap! This trap that I am referring to is Fortune Hi Tech Marketing’s training that they provide to their reps.

If you have been introduced to FHTM, you were very likely pitched on this opportunity by a friend or family member who tried to get you into their business. They probably brought you to a hotel meeting, did a DVD presentation at your home, got you on the phone with their sponsor, and probably went on and on about how great the compensation plan is.

Let me ask you a few questions. How did you feel when they were presenting FHTM to you? Did it feel like high pressure sales? Did you feel like they were really trying to help you out or did you get the impression that they really only cared about benefitting themselves? Was the person that contacted you a person that you had not spoken with in some time?

Unfortunately, these are the very tactics that FHTM still continues to teach to their representatives and it is honestly sad to see this happening.

The reason why I ask these questions is because I have been in this situation with Fortune Hi Tech Marketing…

I have gone to countless friends and family members and tried to pitch them on this opportunity. I have been rejected more times than I could count and this has caused me great frustration. However, instead of giving up on myself I knew there had to be a better way in order to grow my organization.

I did a lot of searching on my own until I discovered a far more powerful way in order to build this business. I have found a way that literally eliminates rejection, recruits reps on total auto-pilot, and all at the push of a button without ever having to pick up the phone to contact these people.

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