These are the kinds of websites that should use dedicated servers

You have probably heard or read somewhere that dedicated hosting is not an option that everybody should go for. This statement is true and there are several factors that make it even truer. The first factor that makes dedicated hosting something that is only used by certain businesses and individuals only is price. Dedicated servers are very expensive to buy or even rent. You will need to spend a lot more money to rent cheap dedicated servers than you would if you settled for shared hosting. However, there are certain advantages that only dedicated hosting can provide. That is also the reason why businesses that use these kinds of servers do.

In this article, I will be looking at some of the sites that require the use of dedicated servers.

High traffic websites

The manner in which servers and computers in general function is what makes it necessary to use a dedicated server if your site has a high volume of traffic. When users access your website on your server through their devices, the server has to process the request and serve the required webpage. This process happens in the RAM where it takes up some space. If the number of requests is very high, the server will need to have a lot of computing power in order to be able to handle them. that requires the server to have access to dedicated resources that are not shared with other websites.

Also, in order to maintain high traffic, it is paramount that the website should load pages fast when accessed. If that doesn’t happen, most of the people that access the website will give up and sort websites that are offered by competitors.

Massive ecommerce sites

If your site deals with the sale and purchase of merchandise online, it is important that it does not experience any downtimes because every time the site is offline is the time you are losing money. If the site is usually very busy, even an hour of downtime can lead to significant losses in revenue. Thus, it makes sense that you host your website on a dedicated server because these servers provide a high level of reliability and speed. Dedicated servers are designed with hardware that is very reliable and is resistant to common technical or mechanical failures that happen with hardware on average PCs and servers. That is why major ecommerce companies spend millions of dollars on acquiring and maintaining dedicated servers. Simply put, their entire existence depends on these servers.

Websites that have unique server configurations

One of the benefits of dedicated servers is that they provide tenants with the ability to configure them according to their own unique preferences. That means that if you have a website that has unique configuration requirements, then a dedicated server may be your only option. Going for shared hosting won’t work for you because trying to configure a shared server according to your unique configurations will affect other websites hosted on the server

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