Javier Burillo – Reasons To Go To a Football Game in Mexico City

With regards to sport the Mexican market is dominated by US sports. Here the likes of the NFL, MLB and the NBA are hugely popular, so much so that these leagues will often have a regular season game down in Mexico. Whilst these sports are undoubtedly popular, they cannot compete with football, or soccer, when it comes to the nation’s favorite. The English first brought the game to Pachuca in the 19th Century, when miners came over from Cornwall. Since then the nation has fallen in love with the game, and in the last 50 years it has hosted 2 World Cups.

If you are spending some time in Mexico City then going to see a game is an absolute must, and here is why you shouldn’t miss out on this experience if you love football.

The Aztec Stadium

Thanks to the two successful world cups which the country hosted, the Aztec Stadium has become iconic. This is situated in the south of the city and it is home to two of the city’s biggest clubs, CF America and Cruz Azul. Because of the fact that both teams play here, it means that you can get to a game at the stadium every single week, as the teams alternative between home and away fixtures. This is the stadium of the Hand of God, Maradona’s phenomenal solo effort against England and the semi final between Germany and Italy.

Low Cost Option

One of the most compelling arguments as to why more people should go and see a game here in Mexico City is that it is a very low cost day out. Unlike many countries around the world, the tickets for a game in Mexico are very low indeed, and for as little as $15 you can bag yourself a seat. Inside the stadium the low cost theme continues, and food, drink and memorabilia are all sold at a very low cost indeed. All told you could take the family to a game for less than $100.

Exciting Game

I had my doubts before going to the first game, with my biddy Javier Burillo who lives here, and who is a very avid Cruz Azul fan. Javier promised me entertainment however and that was exactly what I got. The game here is played at a fast pace, with lots of passion and plenty of attacking football. This results in many goals, a lot of aggression and plenty of red and yellow cards. The quality here may not be as high as it is in European countries, but if you want entertainment that is exactly what you are going to get from a game here. Beyond the football itself, the fans are hugely entertaining too, and you will be able to drink in the atmosphere as they sing, dance and shout.

This is a great experience to have, and it will be a wonderful way to spend some of your time in the city.

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