Few Reasons to Install uPVC Windows

Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride or uPVC has become the latest sought-after material for those planning to renovate a place or going for new construction. The usefulness of this material and the problems with using other materials such as aluminum, wood, or steel have given a steep rise to the demand for uPVC. This is the reason that it is being used on a large scale in both, residential and commercial construction. Their durability, easy-to-clean features, offering good quality insulation, and the string of valid reasons make a person switch to uPVC windows while renovating his house or office. These windows not only add functionality to your and beauty to your property, but they also increase the property value considerably.

A few reasons to opt for uPVC windows are as follows:

  1. Durable: Amongst the other options, uPVC solutions last long. The galvanized steel is used for construction where uPVC windows and doors have to be installed. This offers great sturdiness and sustainability to these windows. Compared to other options such as wood, cast iron, or aluminum, uPVC promises durability of up to 50-60 years. uPVC double glazed windows stay in shape for years and do not fade away looking newer for a longer time. It also means there are very few chances that you may change them in your lifetime.
  2. Maintenance Free: uPVC window installation will make your life more comfortable because they are absolutely maintenance free. You will not require to paint them or give them a touch of varnish occasionally. Since this material is termite free, you need not take care of them as you might have to in the case of wooden windows. You just need to wipe them from time to time with some mild solution and these windows will start shining. The lock of the windows just needs some oiling for a smooth operation.
  3. Waterproof: Since uPVC windows are waterproof, there is no complaint of warping, rotting, flaking, or corroding as is there in windows made with wood or aluminum. Due to this feature, uPVC windows do not fade or lose their sheen and shape and keep looking new.
  4. Provide Quality Insulation: Providing high-quality insulation is probably the main selling point of uPVC windows. They are also soundproof solutions as doors and windows made with uPVC do not make noise while opening or closing them. You can sit without any disturbance while reading, watching TV, and so on.
  5. Energy efficient: Since uPVC solutions provide quality insulation, the inside air remains in the house. In this way, these types of windows become a type of energy-saving solution as lesser electricity is required to keep the place cool. They are easy to install, remove, or fix which means you save energy on this front also.
  6. Provides added Security and Safety: Compared to its other counterparts such as wood and aluminum, uPVC windows provide better security and safety as they are fixed in galvanized steel. The sturdy uPVC frames are hard to break for an intruder. They also help in preventing the fire from spreading as they come with self-extinguishing properties.

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