William Huyler – Why Photography is Easier To Get Into Than You Think

I started photography as a hobby just over three years ago, and many people who I have spoken to about it will tell me that it is something which they would love to do. The reality however is that many of these people don’t get involved, and this is because they think that it is too hard of a hobby to get started with.

I actually got started after seeing a brilliant blog post from the photographer William Huyler, talking about why there should be more beginners. The thing that I have found over the last couple of years however, is that whilst this does appear to be a tough hobby to get started with, it really isn’t, and it is far easier than many realize.

Low Cost Equipment

 The first myth which I want to squash is that this is an expensive hobby to get into. This can certainly be an expensive hobby if you begin to really take it seriously, but it does not have to be an expensive hobby to get involved with. Some people get started using their camera phones! The reality is that there are so many second hand options out there for equipment such as cameras, which are still of a very good quality. You can get started here, and then see where you go.

Volume of Help and Support

The volume of help and support which is available online is enormous and that is ideal for beginners who are looking to get started with this great hobby. I have followed YouTube video guides which professionals will put on, as well as joining up with forums which have professionals and amateurs contributing to. I love the range of options that are out there and no matter what it is that I need help and support with, there is something online that can help me to find the perfect solution to my problems.

No Pressure on Getting it Right

What I love about photography is that there is not really a method by which you can get it right. Of course you want to take the clearest images that you can and show off the subject in the best light possible, but there is also an artistic element about this. For this reason we should all have a go because of the fact that we don’t have to subscribe to some kind of industry standard. This is your take on the world and you can use your lens to do just that.

On the face of it this does seem to be a tough hobby to get started with, the reality however is that the equipment can be low cost, the support and the help online is perfect for helping you to improve and the community within the photography world is absolutely amazing and very inspiring indeed.

Why not have a go and see if you can take some beautiful shots your spare time.

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