7 Qualities of a good photo book

Storing memories is one thing that people in the current world value a lot. There are many ways of doing so, but the common one is taking photos. Research currently shows that over 90% of the people in the world use photos to share and store memories. Storing these photos is another issue of concern. Nowadays, people are making the best photo book where all valuable pictures are stored. Some specific qualities make up a good photo book. In this discussion, we are going to look at the features of a good photo book.

Photo Book

As mentioned earlier, a photo book is a simple and nice way of storing different images or photos taken daily or when there is a special occasion. The main author of this book is the photographer.

Features of a good photo book

To ensure that your photo book meets your high expectations, it must attain the following features:

  1. Landscape mode

A good photo book must ensure that images are placed in landscape mode. Images that are taken in landscape mode appear nice, easy to see, and clear to look at. The landscape mode is also suitable as it fits all photos.

  1. Double page thread

If you decide to choose the landscape mode, you should use a double-threaded page. Landscape photos appear best on a double-page thread.

  1. Use simple colors

A variety of colors will appear nice in a photobook if they blend well with the photo’s background. In most cases, photographers use black and white colors to make up a good photobook. The two colors usually blend well with nature, hence being suitable in all pictures. You can also use other colors, provided they blend well with the photos.

  1. Arrange photos systematically

Photos should be arranged systematically and should consider the date and time when they were taken. Pictures that are taken in a similar place and occasions should follow each other from page to page. This will ensure that you can relate memories of each photo.

  1. Create a series

A photo book should ensure that it creates a series of pictures. This ensures that the photos can link with images in the next chapter of the photobook. It also makes sure that images follow a systematic order. Pictures taken in the same event should be placed together, after which they are joined with others in the photobook to create a series of photos.

  1. Simplicity

A photo book should strictly be kept simple. This is because we only need memories that associate with the photos. Photographers mostly avoid too much artwork as it can ruin the whole photo book. If there is a need to use the art, it should be split across all pages to avoid overcrowding.

  1. Story Creation

The main aim of photobooks is to create a nice story. Every photo has a story behind it that is worth not forgetting. The photos should be arranged in a way that they create a nice story. The story will forever remain in the minds hence storing memories.

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