What are the Causes of Yellow Teeth? 

If you have yellow teeth, then you should consult your doctor to find out the reasons for your yellow teeth and also find a solution to them. No one desires to have yellow teeth, but there could be various reasons that can lead to yellow teeth. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the significant reasons for yellow teeth. 

If you are also interested in knowing the reasons for yellow teeth, then stay with us in this article. However, if you are facing a yellow tooth problem, then it would be better to consult an experienced dentist in Arlington Heights. There are various centers for teeth whitening in Arlington Heights where you can get professional help in teeth whitening.   

What are the Causes of Yellow Teeth? 

  • Genetic Issues: It is not true that yellow teeth signify that your teeth are not clean every time. Sometimes, the yellow teeth are the result of genetic issues. In this situation, even if you try various techniques to whiten your teeth, you can have yellow teeth, and it might affect your smile. It is difficult to change because genetic attributes are difficult to change for a human being. 
  • Age: Age also plays a significant role in causing yellow teeth. The enamel that protects the teeth and covers the yellow-tinged dentin wears down over a period of time, and therefore, the dentin becomes visible. So, when it is visible, it has a yellow tinge color that becomes the outer layer, and consequently, it seems that the teeth are becoming yellow. 
  • Antibiotics: Antibiotics are used in our medications. However, if there is a higher use of antibiotics, it can leave some stains on your teeth, and therefore, you must restrict the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are prohibited because they release the calcium that leaves the yellow tinge on the teeth. 
  • Food and drink stains: There are some cases in which the food products also leave their marks on the teeth. There are marks of tea, coffee, dark-pigmented juices, and other edible items. 

How to Prevent Yellow Stains on Teeth?

  • You must limit the use of beverages so that they do not affect your teeth much. But if you are using them, then you should avoid using them directly as you can use straw to protect the white and bright teeth. 
  • You should maintain oral hygiene so that there is no formation of unwanted bacteria on your teeth. 
  • You must rinse your mouth properly whenever you eat or drink anything so that there are no remnants of food particles leaving their stain on the teeth. 
  • Lastly, it would help if you regularly visit the dentist at least twice a year so that they can clean your teeth professionally. 

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