Why Do You Need A News App Alongside Your Online Magazine?

Smartphones and other mobile devices entirely dominate today’s world. In this age of digitalization, humans are notably dependent upon their mobile phones. So, the easiest way to reach them is to get through their mobiles. If you want your breaking news updates and articles to be read by a maximum number of your target audience, you must run a news app.

Why are online news apps required?

Smartphones and other mobile devices in this digital age enthrall people. At present, people demand access to all necessary information at their fingertips. Online magazines, a well-liked and reliable source of entertainment that satisfies user needs, are now available.

No matter what industry the firms operate in, every company that maintains an internet presence has a mobile app to help them grow. It results in the creation of news apps, improving online journals’ opportunities.

If you are the owner of a live online magazine, you must want people to read it. You should develop a live news app to draw more traffic and survive in the current cutthroat market.

52.2% of all website traffic worldwide in 2018 came from smartphones, according to Statista. There is no doubt that the percentage has risen over the past 12 months, though, too. It means that mobile optimization is necessary to improve the customer experience for an online publication.

Rock-solid reasons why news apps are profitable:

Many publishers and entrepreneurs need help to get out of the dilemma of which is more effective for attracting and sustaining an audience: a mobile-optimized website or a news app. Let us help them out by explaining the benefits of a news app:

  1. News apps are widely used:

One of the most profitable app categories is news apps. News applications comprise 41% of smartphone users’ digital time, according to Statista. Nearly a quarter of smartphone owners worldwide have a news app. This amount has increased by almost 7% in 2022. Consumers use news applications to acquire their daily dosage of knowledge. So, it is logical to assume that your news app won’t sit idle on your readers’ smartphones.

  1. Mobile apps are more popular than websites:

Please bear with us even though there is some contradictory info on this. Approximately 78% of people prefer mobile applications to mobile browsers for shopping. News apps and magazines can also benefit from this information. Users like mobile apps more than online because:

  • Using a news app is more convenient than browsing a news site.
  • News apps are faster than sites.
  • It’s simpler to browse mobile apps for the latest news in Hindi.
  • The user experience on mobile apps is superior.

  1. It’s easier to monetize news apps:

For profit, online publishers sometimes compromise customer experience by overstuffing their websites with annoying ads and pop-ups. The good part is: users are learning to fight back by using Ad blockers and banner blindness.

Interestingly, when asked if they appreciated the value of content, users said that they did and were prepared to put up with ads, but only if they weren’t intrusive or bothersome. News apps utilize this information in a pretty clever way.

They provide several possibilities to make advertisements feel like a natural part of your news stream rather than an intrusion. So, it’s easier to earn money through your news app while keeping the users satisfied.

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