Long term effect of cannabinoid on brain and body 

Cannabinoids are derived from the cannabis plant and have some health and adverse effects on the human body and brain. Another name is called weed or marijuana. If you are looking to buy the cannabinoid product for your health issue, you can contact or visit a cannabis dispensary.

Working of the drug: 

Marijuana imparts a long-term benefit to the human brain and body. It is effective due to the presence of the active chemical compound called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It mimics the substance endocannabinoid that the human body produces on its own. In the brain, the endocannabinoid controls the neurotransmitter. A neurotransmitter is a chemical substance that facilitates the communication between the central nervous system and brain. The effect of endocannabinoid on the body relaxes muscles, reduce inflammation, regulate appetite and repair or protect the damaged tissue. Also, it helps regulate metabolism and many other functions. Endocannabinoid is important for brain functioning because it has ready-made receptors for them. So, the THC in cannabis prevents the formation of natural endocannabinoids. So, in this regard, marijuana acts as a unique drug as compared to other drugs. When a person takes the normal application of endocannabinoid with marijuana, it triggers physiological effects in the brain. That is the reason why smokers suffer augmented levels of pain, memory issues, and altered emotions of pleasure and movement.

Memory problems and marijuana: 

The reason why smokers suffer memory issues is that marijuana hits the hippocampus. That is a region of the brain that regulates short-term memory. The temporary effect of cannabis prevents the brain from developing new memories and things that are a form of short memory. A study indicated that people who consume heavy cannabis are at a high risk of developing false memories. Also, it causes memory problems to users who haven’t smoked for a month. So, it shows after-effects as well.

Verbal memory issues: 

Another finding suggested that people who consume marijuana regularly in their teen life suffer more memory problems as an adult. Teenagers who smoked pot regularly for three years had abnormal shaped hippocampal regions. In a test, these teenagers performed 18% more badly in the memory tests than the people who have never touched marijuana. Furthermore, people who consumed marijuana regularly suffer verbal memory dilemmas. Later the problem becomes chronic. The reason behind this is the use of marijuana along with cigarettes and alcohol. An experiment was conducted as proof of verbal memory issues. The results concluded that 50% of pot smokers tend to remember one word from the list of 15 works. Thus, it affects your memory badly.

Different studies: 

Many types of research were conducted to examine the people who smoke regularly than the non-smokers. After several years of struggle, marijuana addict people have more cognitive diseases than non-smokers or people who used it for a shorter period. This much adverse effect shows that excess of everything is bad. A person should consume marijuana once in a while.

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