DavidPaul Doyle Naturewise Discusses the Importance of Nutrition in Teens

The teenage years are a time of rapid development, both physically and mentally. Nutrition plays a big role in teenagers’ well-being because they are still developing into healthy adults. It can be an uphill battle to get teens to eat nutritiously, but it is possible with the right approach. We’ve gathered some tips on encouraging good nutrition habits in your teen from DavidPaul Doyle Naturewise CEO DavidPaul Doyle.

  1. Nutrition Needs Change Throughout the Teen Years

When teenagers are in high school, they may have skipped breakfast to make it to an early class. But experts recommend that teens eat a healthy breakfast each day to get their blood sugar off to a good start. It is also important for teens who spend time playing sports or working out to eat breakfast to provide them with energy.

  1. Healthy Eating is Good For The Body and the Brain

Young people need to consume protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals for healthy development. A diet consisting of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables will ensure that they get all the proper nutrients while avoiding processed foods or artificial sweeteners. Eating this way is not only good for their bodies but also their brains. In addition, teenagers need to eat nutritious foods to keep up with the demands of schoolwork and sports.

  1. Provide Accessibility To Healthy Foods

Having healthy food options on hand will help teens make better choices about what they eat. Some ideas include grinding whole wheat flour to make homemade breads, buying whole-grain pasta, or making homemade pizza. Another idea is to have healthy snacks on hand, so they are always available when hunger strikes.

  1. Encourage Exercise

Having regular exercise will boost mental health and well-being for teenagers of any age group. Getting teens interested in exercising can be challenging, but it is possible with the right approach. It does not have to be a formal workout at the gym; it can simply be walking, jogging, or riding your bike around the neighborhood.

  1. Lead by Example

At Naturewise, we encourage healthy nutrition in our own home and for our kids. However, we want you to know that DavidPaul Doyle is also a father, and his children always remind him to eat healthy, stay active, and strive for a life full of positivity.

  1. The Teenage Years are Some of the Most Important for Specific Vitamins

Teenagers should be aware that their bodies are developing rapidly during these years. That is why it is crucial to take vitamin supplements gut health supplements to ensure they are getting all the proper nutrients for healthy development.

  1. Encourage Teenagers To Stay Positive

It can be challenging for teenagers to stick to a healthy diet if they suffer from stress or anxiety. As DavidPaul Doyle says, “Positive thinking is vital for maintaining good health.”

  1. Some Teens Make Poor Food Choices

All individuals need to consume nutritious foods, but this is especially true for teenagers. Teenagers are more likely to eat junk food because it tastes good, and they have unlimited access to it at school or through their friends. They also don’t realize just how much damage artificial ingredients or too much sugar can do to their bodies.

  1. Teens Need Smaller Portions Than Adults, But They Also Need More Fruits and Vegetables

Teenagers need to eat smaller portions of food than adults, but they also need more fruits and vegetables to get proper nutrients. So when DavidPaul Doyle was a teenager, he would cut up vegetables and mix them with his food. That way, he was able to get more nutrients without knowing it.

  1. Food is Fuel For the Body and The Brain

Having a healthy diet will provide teens with the energy they need throughout their daily lives and fuel for sports practices and other activities. Conversely, when teens eat an unhealthy diet, they will start to feel sluggish and tired.

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