Steps to Follow When Hiring a CPA- Make the Right Decision

A CPA is the most talented financial professional, who has achieved this certification after a rigorous examination. He is licensed to work for companies and perform several accounting-related tasks such as financial statements, auditing, tax filing, and advisory services. If you are looking for the best CPA in Wakefield, MA, you need to keep in mind the clear goals of your company and profits. It is a good idea to get in touch with a few CPAs in your town and compare them with one another.

How to hire a CPA

A CPA is a certified financial professional, who has already achieved so much in his professional life. However, you must follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure that you hire the right one for your company:

Credentials and experience

While a CPA is already certified, you must assess him based on his experience in a similar industry. It is a good idea to find someone, who is familiar with the type of business you run, the services you offer, and clients you may have. This will help both of you work comfortably with one another. Moreover, he should have experience in working with several clients in the past. Don’t forget to look through his credentials while hiring one of the best ones.

Shortlist a few from your contacts

If you have enough time to hire a CPA, it is better to do research before calling a few for an interview. These days, social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and a number of job portals can be accessed to find the names of a few CPAs in your town. Depending on your requirements and business types, you can shortlist a few of them. 

Understand their payment structure

Since these professionals may work on different payment structures, you should hire the one with the most suitable one. They may charge their fees based on an hourly rate, flat fee, or ongoing fee. It is good to ask them about how they prefer getting paid to avoid any confusion later on.

Ask as many questions as you want

You may have several queries related to jobs they perform and others. It is suggested to ask them as many questions as you can and review their responses. Based on this information, you can easily hire the most suitable candidate for your company.

A good CPA can help you earn more profits by keeping your finances organized, filing taxes on time, and reducing expenses. 

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