Why A Fiberglass Electrical Box Is Essential

Measurement has been of great importance to humanity since the earliest days of civilization, when it was first used to quantify the exchange of goods in barter trade systems.

Today, Measurement and Protection boards and instruments, and transducers using such systems are of paramount importance in a wide variety of domestic and industrial activities. The growth in quantity and complexity of the tools used in industry has been significant, especially during the 1970s and 1980s, as various automation schemes have been developed.

Fundamental measurement techniques such as accuracy, precision, standardization are retained with renovation and refinement to include newly developed standards.

Some information about Measurement and Protection boards has been modified since such instruments find less application in modern electricity and electronics.

A fiberglass electrical box or cabinet containing the connection, maneuver, command, measurement, protection, alarm, signaling devices, corresponding covers, and supports fulfills a specific function within an electrical system. Therefore, the manufacture or assembly of an electrical panel must comply with design criteria and regulations that allow its correct operation once energized, guaranteeing the safety of the operators and the installations in which they are located.

Protection and control equipment and measuring instruments are generally installed in electrical panels, having a connection reference.

Industries known for their hazardous conditions need to protect their electronic equipment efficiently. All devices and components of a switchboard should be mounted inside a fiberglass electrical box, cabinets, or enclosures, depending on the size they reach. If your company operates in abrasive or extreme environments, non-metallic enclosures are highly recommended. That is why we invite you to learn about their most relevant virtues.

In principle, non-metallic enclosures are designed as versatile, affordable, and high-performance solutions to protect electronic controls. Among the different options you can select for your business, there are pieces made from ABS, fiberglass, polyester, and polycarbonate that stand out for their density.

The panels must be made of fire-resistant, self-extinguishing, non-hygroscopic, corrosion-resistant materials or be adequately protected against corrosion.

All panels shall have an inner cover over the equipment and an outer door. The purpose of the internal surface shall be to prevent foreign bodies from coming into contact with energized parts or energized parts from being within the user’s reach when operating the protections or switching devices; it shall have perforations of adequate size to allow the wiring and other pertinent connections to pass freely, without allowing the introduction of foreign bodies, without any of the elements indicated being attached to it, levers, operating knobs or replacement parts, if applicable, of the switching or protection devices.

Due to their performance, these cabinets with quality certifications are recommended for indoor and outdoor applications in different industries. Thus, they can be implemented in paper or chemical processing facilities, sewage treatment, oil and maritime industry, security and fire companies, and other hazardous environments.

These protection parts for controls and electrical equipment are characterized by:

  • Contain in their structure recycled materials for reuse.
  • Resistant and straightforward design that can be customized on-site.
  • They are manufactured with lightweight materials, making them easier to handle and transport, which reduces shipping costs.
  • Have excellent resistance against chemicals and corrosive substances, like stainless steel, but better than mild steel.

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