What to expect on a chocolate factory tour in Margaret River?

A chocolate factory tour in Margaret River is an everyday activity for those visiting the region. And no one knows better than the owners of these types of businesses what you can expect when stepping into their shops. Read on to learn more about what a visit to a chocolate factory entails and how it can make your day in Margaret River more memorable.

Below are things to expect from a chocolate factory tour in Margaret River.

1. Going behind the scenes

Explore the back of the factory and learn more about making chocolate. You can watch as they melt milk chocolate, pour dark chocolate over crisp wafers, and make various pralines. You will be able to know more about what goes into making chocolates as you observe these processes.

2. Sampling different types of chocolates

Unlike in most food tours, where you only get to taste small portions of different dishes, you will be given a chance to try different types of chocolates in a chocolate factory tour in Margaret River. The tour will give you a chance to try different types of chocolates made with different ingredients. Whether you are a fan of dark chocolate or milk chocolate, the bite-sized samples will be enough to satisfy your cravings. And, of course, all these will be of high quality.

3. Sampling specialty chocolates

A typical chocolate tour in Margaret River is not just about tasting different types of chocolates, but it also allows you to sample specialty chocolates only available in the factory shop. You can try these chocolates made with hazelnuts, nuts, coconut, berries, and other ingredients.

4. Visiting the shop after the tour

The chocolate tour in Margaret River may be over, but that does not mean the fun is done yet! You will get the chance to visit various collections at the factory shop after the tour is finished. You can get souvenirs, gifts, and even some traditional beverages made with milk or dark chocolates. Some shops offer food, too, so you can enjoy a bite or two before heading home.

5. Meeting the staff

The staff in the chocolate factory tour in Margaret River are not just ordinary assistants. They play an instrumental role in making sure that the chocolates you love are made to perfection. You will get to meet them, ask questions and learn more about what they do while making these chocolates. You will discover how passionate these people are about their work, how much effort they put into it, and how much they love making your favourite treats.

7. Tasting seasonal chocolates

Tours at chocolate factories in Margaret River are not limited to tasting ordinary milk or dark chocolate treats, but you can also sample seasonal ones such as those made with berries or nuts.

Bottom line

You can expect these things from a chocolate factory tour in Margaret River. If you want to know more about the chocolates you can get when visiting these tours, talk to the staff, and they will be able to answer all your questions and show you around. Make sure to plan your visit at least a few days before so that you don’t miss out on these tours.

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