How Best to Store Wine in a Kitchen – Useful Tips from Underground Cellar

With a huge range of wines available to purchase online and in supermarkets, more and more people are getting into wine. Whether you like a glass of red, white or rose, how you store your wine in your kitchen can make all the difference to how it tastes and how long it keeps. Read more to get some expert tips on kitchen wine storage from Underground Cellar.

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Store Out of Direct Light

The best place to store wine in your kitchen is out of direct light. A cupboard with a wine rack in it is a good idea, along with certain shelving units if you have any in a more sheltered area of your kitchen. If you’re serious about wine and want it to taste as good as possible, you can even get specially designed wine storage cabinets for your kitchen.

Avoid the Kitchen Counters

While the kitchen counter might seem like the best place to put a wine rack, the heat in the area can cause a number of problems for wine. Wine that has been exposed to higher temperatures for a longer period of time, which is likely to happen if your wine rack is near the oven, is unlikely to taste its best, giving it a sour taste that just doesn’t go down well.

Get a Wine Cooler

If you’re a fan of white wine, rose, or sparkling wine, then the best place to store your wines in your kitchen is in a dedicated wine cooler. If you don’t have the room or the budget to get a wine cooler, keep them in a cool, dry place before opening, and in the fridge after you have popped the cork or unscrewed the top. Wine coolers don’t have to be an extravagant addition to your kitchen and you can find many smaller models that are designed to fit in a limited space. They work to make sure that your wines are kept at the perfect temperature ready to drink.

Whatever kind of wine you drink, finding the perfect place to store it in your kitchen can make all the difference to the taste and drinking experience.

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