Adam Seger Talks About Snowboarding Hotspots

Last winter, I had the chance to catch up with Adam Seger as he told me about his latest project. Veteran action sports filmmaker and snowboarder Adam Seger is taking four top snowboarders on a road trip worldwide in search of the ultimate powder experience.

However, this time, they are not looking for deep powder in the steepest mountains but instead exploring the more transitional terrain between resort boundaries and backcountry access.

Seger is going on a road trip around the world with four top snowboarders in search of the ultimate powder experience. He goes to China, Japan, Switzerland, and more to find deep powder and hidden gems for this fun project.

The show’s concept is to visit “hotspots” that are not well-known or too intimidating but just perfect for a day of fun boarding. The adventure takes place 1,000 miles away from their home base in Whistler, where they set out on an epic journey to find these hidden gems with over 30 flights and 40,000 road miles.

Seger says, “I want to show other people that there are secret spots out there which are not only amazing to ride, but also affordable and easy to reach.”

“From what I have seen so far, you can get a one-way ticket for 25 bucks, and the next day you’re shredding fresh snow in the mountains with hardly any people around. So having good snow is important to me, but having fun is even more important.”

Seger states that he loves “the idea of crashing in some random hostel with no cellphone reception and just snowboarding all day long until your legs hurt too much to move anymore.”

He continues, “The days are long, and the sun is always shining, so why would you spend your time in a bar drinking beers when you could be out there?”

That’s what makes this project different. For Seger, it’s more about exploring new places than simply finding the deepest powder around. It’s about “uncovering some hidden gems that tens of thousands of people will never even find.”

They’ve already been to China and Japan, but they plan to explore British Columbia and Alberta during their next visit to Canada. From there, the foursome is off to Europe: Italy and France for a look at “the real stuff,” followed by Switzerland and Austria.

“We’ve found the best spots, but we want to keep the locations a secret for now,” Seger says. “We want to surprise people and just show up and say: ‘Hey, this is what we found.’ So we’re not out there filming to give away our secrets.”

“I’d rather we get in trouble for trespassing than have everyone know where these spots are,” he says.

Seger concluded by saying, “I want everyone out there to know that there are still spots out there, and all of this is possible with a bit of research and luck. If we can do it on our budget, I’m sure you guys can do it as well.”

We’ll be covering the project here, so be sure to check back frequently for reports, videos, and photos from the road.

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