A Homeowner’s Guide to Hazardous Material Removal

You might be thinking that your home doesn’t contain any hazardous materials, and you might be right, but if your property was built pre-1990, there’s a good chance there is asbestos present. This in itself does not put you or your family in any immediate danger, as this harmful substance is only dangerous when handle or removed, as minute slivers of asbestos fibre become airborne and should they be inhaled, you will have asbestos slivers attached to the lining of your lungs. If that isn’t bad enough, these slivers can remain dormant for years, when suddenly, the person develops respiratory issues.

Professional Asbestos Removal Companies

We used asbestos in construction in Australia right up until the early 1990s and if your home was built prior to that time, it could very well contain asbestos. You only have to look at the large number of asbestos removal services in Perth to realise how many properties still contain this very harmful material, and if you’re planning to rip out that old kitchen, you are advised to have the room checked for asbestos.

Asbestos Testing

Imagine how many buildings there are in Australia that contain asbestos? There is a huge asbestos removal industry and a major aspect of their work is testing for the presence of asbestos, which is essential when preparing to carry out renovations, and should the team discover asbestos, they have the know-how and equipment to safely remove all traces of this very dangerous material.

Car and Lithium Batteries

These are extremely hazardous and the best solution is to contact a local waste management company, who would accept batteries of all types. You might have 5 or 6 old smartphone batteries and they would be happy to collect them, all it takes is a Google search, and, of course, with an approved waste removal company, you know the batteries will be recycled. If you have old IT equipment, this also requires specialised removal, so any old printers, desktop PCs or other peripherals can be responsibly recycled.

If you think you have any hazardous material in your home, contact the experts and if we are talking about asbestos, there are companies that will send a team of experts to test for the presence of asbestos. If you suspect asbestos might be present, don’t go ahead with the removal, as this could be very dangerous, rather call in the asbestos specialist.

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