Yasith Weerasuriya Explains How Technology Is Helping Beat the Pandemic

Despite millions of vaccine doses being administered around the world, COVID-19 cases continue to rise in many countries. As well as this, the long-term impact of coronavirus is something that all healthcare professionals will continue to face as they battle the backlog of patients caused by the pandemic and plan for future disruption.

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In order to fight the pandemic, innovation has been needed. It’s obvious to see that technology is having a positive impact in helping to beat the pandemic. But how is technology helping to beat the pandemic? Keep reading below to find out more:

The Development of a COVID Screening App

A few months ago, professionals all around the world were being asked to screen for coronavirus at the entryways of hospitals and universities. However, this has now changed. Yasith Weerasuriya and his team developed an app that allowed individuals to self-screen for COVID-19 at home. This was a big task for the in-house software development team, but it was a huge success.

Virtual GP Appointments

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic forced many GP surgeries to close their doors to patients. This was to prevent the spread of the disease. Thankfully, GPs came up with a new way of working which allowed them to support their patients in their time of need. They began offering virtual GP appointments. These appointments allowed patients to see their GP over a video call, meaning they could still show their doctor what the problem was.

Infrastructure-Free Location Technology

Hospital employees have struggled over the past year. Not only have they had to care for COVID-19 patients, but they have also had to continue caring for non-COVID-19 patients without spreading the disease.

In order to do this, they have used infrastructure-free location technology. This technology was used to ensure that hospital employees didn’t move between zones. It also meant that if a case of COVID-19 was found, the hospital staff knew exactly which employees and patients could be at risk. This was previously impossible in a hospital setting.

As you can see, technology is helping us all in the fight against COVID-19. From the development of new apps that allow individuals to screen for the disease at home, to virtual GP appointments that provided patients with much-needed support during the pandemic, there have been lots of innovations over the past few years. And we’re sure there will be many more in the future.

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