What Is Reforestation?

Reforestation is something that we have all heard of but have you really spent time to really consider and understand What Is Reforestation?  What is involved in reforestation projects? How they are carried out? Lets consider these points and get to know exactly what reforestation is.

What Is Reforestation?

Reforestation consists of replanting deforested areas to restore forests that have previously been destroyed. The destruction of large forests, which are essential to absorb carbon dioxide produce oxygen and palliate climate change, make it necessary to plant huge numbers of new trees with the ultimate aim of saving ecosystems from destruction and protecting the planet from damage. Without forests, life on Earth could not survive and almost a third of the planet is covered by forests. That is equivalent to 40.6 billion hectares. These enormous forested areas are essential to our survival because they provide the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe. However, through deforestation the source of human life is actually being destroyed and forests are being cut down at a rapid rate but it Is not all doom and gloom. In light of this situation, reforestation has become one of the most effective strategies for turning this trend around. The regrowth of these forests is what will help to contribute to the rebuilding of sustaining human life and many people have dedicated their time and energies to helping with reforestation projects.

What Is Involved In Reforestation Projects?

A reforestation project is no easy feat by any means, it takes years for the reforestation cycle to become fruitful. All the planning and preparation is to be done even before any work is carried out. Trying to decide what trees to plant, knowing when is the best time to plant each tree and then having the patience to watch them grow and to cultivate them. Projects not only take a lot of time but they also require a lot of physical work from planning to planting. There are many people who choose to volunteer to help with the rebuilding of forests and there are also others who choose to donate their funds to help reforestation projects to continue. Whichever way a person chooses to help the charity or organization that is at the forefront of the reforestation project will be more than grateful for any help or support that is being given or provided. A reforestation project is planned for the only reason of trying to make the earth a cleaner and greener place and a project that is done for this cause only deserves respect and support, whether physically or financially. With the rate of forests being cut down and the time it takes for a reforestation cycle, the more projects that can be funded the better it will be for our Earth. Not only does it help human life but the forests provide homes and habitats for many animals, creatures and insects, so it sustains animal life too. You can be happy knowing that you can play your part too.

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