The main characteristics of a gaming keyboard

The modern gamer has a lot of features and capabilities incorporated in their keyboard that they can do virtually anything. Old keyboards used to have only basic functionality, something that often limited what gamers could do a lot. If you have a high-end gaming system, you also need a top keyboard to go with it. There is a wide selection of keyboards out there to pick from that you would be lost just trying to get the right one if you don’t know what you should be looking for.

The choices you have range from cold and minimalistic varieties of keyboard to backlit top models. When you are trying to choose a keyboard for yourself, you will need to start by learning the various types there are to choose from. I will discuss some of the three most common types to make your work easier.


Membrane keyboards are made from a very simple technology. The keyboard usually has a rubber membrane incorporated under the keys to close the contact between the typing plate and the key. These keyboards are the easiest to making, rendering them very cheap. You can expect some level of lag in these keyboards because when you press a button, sometimes contact don’t close, requiring you to press again.

This technology of making keyboards is just poor, so don’t blame the product too much. However, there are some high-end brands that cost more and offer better performance even though it still can’t match that offered by other technologies used to make keyboards.


If you are a serious gamer, this is the option you should be going for. Mechanical keyboards feature the oldest technology used to make keyboards that relate to IBM systems. They offer benchmark performance and no other product has been able to offer better reliability to this date. There are four mechanisms used to make mechanical keyboards, and each one of them offers different pros and cons. When you need the best razer gaming keyboard, you should consider one that offers this technology.

Mechanical keyboards offer a lot of durability and they are tough enough to take a lot of hits that are often associated with playing games. In fact, most manufacturers of gaming consoles recommend these keyboards to be used with their products. Membrane keyboards can barely handle the pressure of gaming and scissor keyboards are barely available on the market for gaming.


This technology is mainly used to make laptop keyboards. In this technology, the keys are embedded deep into the body of the laptop. Convenience is not very high on the manufacturers of these keyboards so you should not expect a lot of it.

Scissor keyboards are still comfortable though if you are playing your games on a laptop.

Before you make any purchase, it would be better if you check out all the features the keyboard is offering you. You will also need to consider your gaming style and choose a keyboard that matches it best. There is a huge variety of membrane keyboards to pick from, so don’t limit yourself.

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