Robert Testagrossa – Will Crypto Make You a Millionaire?

IT is completely understandable that there are so many people who are looking to get started with cryptocurrency investment. The sharply rising prices which we are seeing has of course encouraged more people to get involved and invest some of their money into cryptocurrency coins. With this being said however there are many who do think that this can be a get rich quick idea for them, which may not be quite accurate. Experts in crypto like Robert Testagrossa have believed in these projects for a very long time and they are welcoming the additional investment of small time investors. With this being said, the idea that crypto can make you a millionaire may not be the best way of thinking.

Sharp Rises

What many people assume, or at least hope, is that they find a coin which goes through a crazy increase in price, that will turn their money into a big profit. This could happen but it would rely heavily on a lot of time invested into the research process. Sadly however most of those sharp rises occur after the coin is launched, and it will be those who purchased it prior to the launch who will see those huge price rises. This makes a lot of people think that it could happen to the coin which they have chosen, which is not often the case.

Short Term Thinking

Big time crypto investors and experts in this field are not in this for the short term, in fact they are very much looking at a 5 or 10 year plan for the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are however many first time investors who are only thinking in the short term and that can prove to be dangerous. The reality is that anyone who is investing a small amount of money and thinking that it will make them huge profits in 6 months, or even a year, are kidding themselves. The best chance for a small investment to turn into a million or more, is a long term strategy.

Dangers of Trading

Many people will look to trade up their original investment and try to create more wealth through this approach. The reality however is that this can be incredibly dangerous, largely because of the fact that few people can actually predict what is going to happen in this market. Trading stocks and shares is hard enough, and that includes the experts, trading crypto however is infinitely more difficult and if you get it wrong, you could in fact lose some of your investment rather than make profits.

And so if you are asking yourself whether or not crypto can make you some profits, the answer is that it certainly can, assuming that you are patient. In terms of crypto turning you into a millionaire, the chances are far less likely and you may find that you are being slightly ambitious here if you are only investing a small amount of cash.

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