How to Ace the IBPS Mains Exam

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) conducts the IBPS PO exam every year to recruit personnel as management trainees and probationary officers. The exam has been divided into two separate tests, the preliminary exam and the mains exam. You have to pass the prelim exam to appear for the mains exam.

If you have already nailed the preliminary exam and are preparing for the mains exam, you must first know that the IBPS PO mains syllabus is divided into four sections. Here you will find a few useful tips that you can use to prepare for each section so that you can ace it like a pro.

  • Reasoning & Computer Aptitude
  • Make a list of topics included in the mains exam syllabus and pinpoint the topics in which you are weak.
  • Increase your practice work on challenging topics.
  • Puzzles, coding, decoding, and arrangement types are the top-scoring sections. So, work on them.
  • Gradually you can move on to tougher topics like syllogism, blood relations, direction, input-output, ranking, etc.
  • Practice more on solving puzzles, as you can master it only with trial and error.
  • For Computer Aptitude, prepare for topics like computer hardware and software, networking and internet, MS Office, operating systems, computer programming, types and history of computers, keyboard shortcuts, abbreviations, terminology, etc.
  • English Language
  • Read English newspapers every day.
  • Note down any new phrases or words that you come across and know their meaning.
  • Work on your English grammar.
  • Read good English grammar books.
  • Read lots of text in English, like magazines, editorials, reports, novels, etc.
  • While reading, understand its meaning and try to rephrase it in your own words.
  • Read the content of your interest online also, as it will make you habitual of on-screen reading.
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Take mock tests.
  • Identify your weak areas, and practice more on them.
  • Refer to solved question papers of past years to solve questions you are not able to understand alone.
  • Write all the important formulae, concepts, and shortcuts in a separate workbook, so that you can revise them at the last minute.
  • General Awareness
  • This section is mainly focused on banking, economy, and finance. So prepare for topics like Indian banks, RBI policies, finance committees, prominent bank chairpersons and headquarters, history of banking, bank functions, policy reforms, etc.
  • Gather general knowledge about topics such as sports, economy, geography, arts, politics, science, technology, environment, history and culture, etc.
  • Give attention to current affairs as well. So, stay informed about what’s happening in the world.
  • Take GK quizzes online.

The IBPS PO mains syllabus has four sections, and each has its time limit. Segregate your time in such a way that you can at least attempt all questions. Since you have limited time, move on to the next question if you think a particular question will take a lot of time. Finish your exam first, and if time permits, come back to that question.

Finally, use the mock tests, sample papers, solved question papers of previous years, and other such study material to give your exam with full preparation. The best way to ace the IBPS main exam is to understand the IBPS PO mains syllabus and prepare for the exam.

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