Two Noobs Review: DARK

Overall Score

Storyline 9%
Gameplay 30%
Graphics 43%
Audio 18%
Replayability 40%
Final Thoughts

If you happen to have a penchant for middle-school-inspired emo/goth kid vampire games that are poorly designed and executed, then DARK might be for you. Anybody else should steer clear of this game. The only way you should be getting this game is if you can get it for free and are just curious to see it's glorious awfulness first-hand.

Overall Score 26% Poor
Readers Rating
3 votes

2 comments on “Two Noobs Review: DARK

  1. SteveoTheBeveo

    Man, this game looks so bad. I mean, seriously, when the guy goes into semi-detective mode, I thought I was tripping on LSD or something. Anyway, it seems like you and Cody had a hell of alot more fun with this review then most of the others. Keep it up. :)

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